Trailer Options

All Wilkens trailers are custom designed and manufactured for durability and flexibility. Wilkens offers an Aluminum Sheet & Post trailer designed for the customer seeking a lightweight trailer. We are constantly incorporating weight saving technologies and material into our complete trailer line. Wilkens Manufacturing offers more options than any other Walking Floor® trailer manufacturer. We also offer custom designs and graphics, and will make alterations according to your specs.

  • Aluminum Rear Unit
  • Aluminum Crossmembers
  • Heavy Duty and Tipper Bumpers
  • Heavy Duty Upper Couplers
  • Axle Quantity and Axle Centers
  • Life Axles and Dump Axles
  • Spring or Air Ride Suspensions. Fixed, Slider and Spreads
  • Any Brand or Size of Tires
  • Wheels - Chrome, Aluminum, Super Singles and Dura Bright
  • Centrifuse Drums
  • Top Hats
  • Fenders
  • Tire Carrier
  • UHMW and Any Flooring
  • Heavy Duty Drive Units
  • Self Contained Power Units
  • Stainless Steel, Smooth, or Quilted Nose & Doors
  • Stainless Steel Door Hardware
  • Heavy Duty Doors
  • Cathedral Doors
  • Custom Light Packages
  • Shur-Lok® Tarp Systems
  • Electric Tarp Systems
  • Hoppers - Removable or Inboard
  • Corded or Cordless Remotes
  • Plastic or Aluminum Scuff Liners
  • 45 Degree Side Seals
  • Reefer Style Vents & Vented Tarp Pans
  • Broom/Shovel Holder
  • Landing Gear - Heavy Duty, Light Duty & Hydraulic
  • Tow Hooks
  • High Pressure Filter
  • Sweep Tarps - Manual & Automatic
  • Tarp Support - Ridge Straps & Ridge Pole
  • Reinforced Tarps
  • Folding Slope Board
  • Wear Bars
  • Panel & Sheet Thickness
  • Panel Colors
  • Custom Graphics
  • Cargo Lights
  • Scale Systems
  • Air Inflation Systems
  • Tool Boxes
  • Air-Weigh Onboard Scales
Check out the options below by clicking on the photos to view larger size!

FRP Trailer

Rear Steerable Axle

19 Inch Bullnose

4 1/4 Inch Bullnose

10 Inch Bullnose

Painted 19 Inch Bullnose

19 Inch Bullnose w/ Reefer Style Vents

UHMW Lined Nose

Front Access Door


Painted Doors & Hardware

Black Litewalker®

Painted Doors

Dutch Doors

Door Braces

Sealed Door Jambs

Double Rear Header


45 Degree Side Seal

Scuff Liners

24 inch Kemlite Scuff Liner

12 inch Aluminum Scuff Liner

Painted Panels

Folding Slope Board

Back-up Lights At Landing Gear

Suspension Lights


Stainless Steel Flap Hangers

Cargo Lights

Custom Light Package

Vented Front Pan

Vented Rear Pan

Tarp Bows

Flex Bows

Custom Graphics

Electric Tarp System

Ridge Straps

Tarp Colors

Sweep Tarp

Rear Units

Product Guard

Removable Tipper Blocks

D Style Tow Hook

DOT Safety Bumper

Custom Graphics with Stainless Steel Doors

Removable Hopper

Inboard Hopper

Tool Box

Air Coupler

Quarter Fenders

Watertight Boxes

Chrome Top Hats

Interior Steps

Quilted Doors

Tire Carrier

More Custom Graphics

Polished Snap Panel

Lite-Walker® Wrapped Nose

Custom Graphics with some lights

Spread Axle

Air Ride Slider