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Limited Wilkens New Trailer Warranty 
Warranty Coverage: 
Wilkens Manufacturing, Inc., warrants to the original owner, against defects in material and workmanship on part of their manufacturer for a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. 
(A) Limited LIFETIME Warranty of UHMW floor slats. 
(B) Limited LIFETIME Warranty of Grote wire harnesses. 
(C) FIVE (5) YEAR Limited Warranty on suspension and frame. 
(D) TWO (2) YEAR Limited Warranty on Walking Floor® hydraulic components. 
(E) ONE (1) YEAR Limited Warranty on workmanship. 
(1) Improper use, failure to conduct regular maintenance or cleaning, or damage by neglect. 
(2) Has been modified or repaired by the end user or any non-authorized Wilkens service representative. 
(3) Has been used to haul the following but not limited to refuse, rocks, asphalt, or metal shavings. 
(4) Original owner no longer owns or possesses the trailer with said UHMW floor slat(s). 
(5) UHMW floor is removed from original trailer. 
(6) If used in a forklift operation. 
Warranty Disclaimers: 
This warranty is in lieu of all warranties of merchantability fitness for a particular purpose, or other warranties, express or implied, there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.  Wilkens and its purchaser mutually agree that Wilkens shall not be liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages caused by the failure of any part. If originally manufactured with rear axle lift or rear axle dump, it is the sole discretion of Wilkens Manufacturing, Inc. as to the extent, if any, warranty applied.  It is further noted that the UHMW floor is not compatable for forklift use and may be slippery when wet.    
Wilkens and original owner mutually agree that original owner’s sole remedy under this Limited Lifetime Warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement, at Wilkens option, as a result of defective material, defective workmanship of parts furnished by Wilkens.   
Freight or other transportation costs to and from the factory shall be paid by the original owner. Wilkens solely shall determine whether or not any part is defective as that term is used in this Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Wilkens reserves the right to require any and all parts to be returned, freight prepaid, to its factory at Stockton, Kansas for inspection.